Time for a recap.

Oh, boy. It's been three months since I updated, and… have things changed.

Win With Tech

I hemmed and hawwed about this for a long time, but I'm just not content that the venture a) is targeted correctly, and that b) I wouldn't hate my life, having specialized in that subject.

I still consider myself an expert on the matter and I'm holding the idea in reserve for the future, but I'm definitely canning it for now. So WinWithTech is going to disappear. It might reappear under a different name, but WWT itself isn't right.

If the idea comes back, it'll be targeted at developers. I think there's a lot to learn for devs, and a lot of the advice is really actionable and can save a lot of pain, money, and time, so I'm much more convinced that that's the right idea.

It's also a more natural offshoot of my existing audience. I don't know how you'd even find an audience of 'clients' — they're not really a differentiable group with things in common.

So that's that. Drain plug pulled.


I'm not doing Nano. [Ed: by the time I published this article, it was midway through November anyway, so hah.]

I have in the past, but not with any reliable frequency. However, I've been waiting for an excuse to add daily writing to my schedule, so this blog is gonna get a LOT of updates in a very short time.

I have a bunch of ideas kicking around, but they'll be quite diverse in topic. I have a couple of technical posts, a ton of politics posts, and a few entrepreneur posts floating in my brain. I want to get them out. In time, I can winnow things down or come up with a way to only show relevant posts to you, my reader. But right now you're fictitious and I'm going to focus on being productive, not rigorously categoric.

Other News

I'm planning to launch Bequeathal by the 30th of November. That's a tight deadline, but it's definitely doable if I focus in!

There's some discussion that we should change the name, and we're looking for ways we can find a nicely spellable version that is not distortive of meaning, but that's backburner. Good SEO will mitigate nearly all of that.

So that's it for today! See you tomorrow! [Ed: likely next month if past record counts for anything.]

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