A New Venture

I've been up to some new things...

I've been up to some new and exciting things.

This is usually the part where people say 'so I'm going to stop updating my blog', basically.

In my case, I'll probably update more often. Not like that'll be particularly hard.

Venture 1: Win With Tech

Most importantly, as of late, I've been writing over at Win With Tech, where I'm writing about working with programmers for business owners.

One of the most useful things I've done for my clients has been demystifying the whole process of working with developers. We're still basically wizards to many of them—we waltz in with long beards, do some arcane rituals, and all of a sudden the internet's back.

It's been a really common refrain to hear 'I don't know where to find good developers', and 'I don't know how to keep my best developers when they can waltz off to Silicon Valley for a few hundred thousand a year'.

These aren't particularly tricky questions, of course, but there's a big culture gap between developers and non-developers, and having just a tiny bit of that demystified has made my clients happy, and I think will help a lot of other SMB business owners—as well as developers—happy and wealthier too.

Venture 2: Bequeathal

In the next few weeks leading up to the start of September, I'm hoping to launch Bequeathal.

It's the SaaS app I've been working on since January, and it's very close to launch. Currently, only some legal / tax issues are in the way, but I'm hoping to get those conquered very soon!

All the same, if you have experience with Canadian Tax Law, or have worked with / employed someone who has, I'd appreciate it if you could put me in touch with them.

This Blog Moving Forward

I'm actually hoping to blog a bit more here on the topic of my journey into startups, productized consulting and content marketing. One of the things that's tough about the corpus of work out there is that it details people in middle stages of the whole process, and they completely forget the beginning.

Well, I'm basically right at the start. All I've got so far is nine months on a SaaS, a backlog of blog posts, a Drip account, and a ton of inspiration from podcasts. Hopefully by documenting this stuff it'll be helpful to someone in the future, as well as a fun accounting of what I've done.

Well, that's it for now. Get thee over to Win With Tech and join my email course!

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