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Why You Should (Almost) Never Ask For a Fixed-Price Bid From Your Developer

In the years that I’ve been a professional programmer, I’ve had quite a few chances to speak with business owners who have wanted a fixed-price bid on their projects. (That’s where you ask your developer to tell you how much something is going to cost to build, and then regardless of how long it takes / what goes into the project, that’s what you pay him or her.)

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Alpine gmail SMTP connection refused

If you're setting up your gmail accounts on alpine, and you keep getting an error like Can't connect to,25, it's because you're using the wrong format. Very irritating, since it looks like you're doing it right.

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Rails is Definitely Not for Beginners

Rails is a framework not only comprised of a series of substantial components, but also dependent on non-trivial technologies to enable the productivity and happiness gains that veteran programmers often see. Most complaints about the framework bely the nature of the problem, which is that beginners are underprepared for introduction to the advanced concepts inherent in Rails, resulting in vocabulary confusion. Furthermore, this is a feature, not a bug; Rails's value comes with its complication, and attempts to simplify it to be more beginner-friendly are simply misinterpreting the problem.

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