Consulting Services

I can help you harness technology for better business outcomes.

I work as an independent consultant, helping people and businesses improve their processes and outcomes with technology. Many small businesses use outdated and generic software, and the workarounds they come up with and the irritations they put up with can cost them tens of thousands of dollars a year. While many business owners come to me with their own ideas and requests, I'm very happy to help evaluate how you can improve your processes and your bottom line through it.

For you, this might simply be a new website that fits your brand, shows off your wares, and offers online consumers a chance to make contact. For others, this might be custom work to handle shipping, warehouse management, or employee management. It might be an internal dashboard to give you an at-a-glance overview of how your business is performing today, or an iOS app to create stories for your children, or a comprehensive tool for Investor Relations. Let's work together to kick your business up a notch.

Check out the services I offer, or take a look at my technical writing. If you like what you read, give me a call or let me know on Twitter!